Stand-alone video assist device for everyone. It basically records videos and plays for all crew. It also has advanced features for advanced users.

Package includes:

  • OktoMag with free 3 months Video Mixer & WebRemote licenses

  • AC Power adaptor (220V/110V)

  • User Manual

OktoMag can do these things without any additional software license:

  • Auto-Record triggered by timecode or SDI signal of compatible cameras

  • Record and playback by its hard buttons

  • Type scene, shot and take names with onboard buttons

  • Browse videos via OnScreen thumbnails

  • Instant FileSharing over its Network (Ethernet) port

  • Gang usage with other OktoMags

You can also buy these additional licenses separately:

  • Additional Video Mixer License adds features to OktoMAG:
    • Overlay live video with pre-recorded or imported video (or with imported pictures)
    • Apply ChromaKey effect to overlayed live video
    • Resize, Scale and crop overlayed layers

  • Additional WebRemote License adds features to OktoMAG:
    • Control OktoMag remotely with any modern mobile device or PC/Mac
    • Watch live view on any modern mobile device
    • Playback videos independently on any mobile device
    • Export PDF reports of scenes, shots and takes with small screenshots
    • Tag your recordings with keywords and find them with powerful search features
    • Control and monitor multiple OktoMAGs just by one device.
    • And more...

OktoMag looks like an ordinary video device. If you are familiar with "any" recorder, it will be much more enjoyable. Gamepad like big buttons are very easy to use for even non-technical crew.

You may be a DoP who looking for a specifiated take that recorded few weeks ago. It will just take a few seconds to find and play it on monitor or on any mobile device.

Are you in a street rush for a TV Commercial? May be in a forest without a cart or table? OktoMag is designed for low power consumption and mobility, you don't need to leave it on the base.

Doesn't matter if you are in a high budget Hollywood production, or in a 5-person TV Commercial. It will meet your needs without a limit.

You don't need to stay in front of the monitors. Leave up some space for directors and remotely access to all features via any mobile device.

We look forward to showing its features. Think a device that can do everything related to video, it is OktoMag.

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  • Brand: Oktotech
  • Product Code: OMAGv2
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $5,499.00

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